The big idea behind Sistema is to help young people develop a sense of discipline and focus, as well as the ability to work well with others. We want our students to come to realize that they are an important part of this community and its success.”

— Jose Luis Hernandez, Director

Sistema Tulsa Bio

Our mission is to nurture community and improve people’s lives through the practice of music. Sistema Tulsa envisions how a comprehensive and inclusive music program can positively impact the social, cognitive, and aesthetic realms of youth development. Supported by partnerships with the Boston Avenue United Methodist Church (BAUMC) and the Tulsa Public Schools, Sistema Tulsa provides a model for accessible, ensemble-based music programs that enrich the lives of local youth across varied underserved communities. Our program is inspired by El Sistema. Our model in Tulsa, Oklahoma aspires to grow and support youth musical ensembles that exemplify and nurture the pursuit of excellence and high aspiration. 

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