When we receive a gift, we pause to recognize the donor's faithful spirit. We also pray that their gift can connect directly with the heart of our mission and with the hopes of our children. ”

— Jose Luis Hernandez, Director

To donate select the "Sistema Tulsa" fund from the scroll down menu. Simple, safe, and secure!

This list reflects the contributions of donors since our program began. Many continue their giving year after year. Thank you for helping us give the gift of music to many deserving children. Join this group by making a donation today. 


Boston Avenue UMC **


Oklahoma United Methodist Foundation Petree Endowment Fund** 

The Arnall Family Foundation ** 

The Brannin Family Foundation ** 

The Richard Small and Norma T. Family Foundation ** 

The James & Mary Barnes Foundation ** 

The Pauline Dwyer Macklanburg & Robert A. Macklanburg, Jr. Foundation * 

Saied Family Foundation ^^ 

Tulsa Community Foundation * 
(Green Family Fund) 

The Charles and Marion Weber Foundation * 

George Kaiser Family Foundation 

Coretz Family Foundation

Hogan Assessments Family Foundation 

 Visionary Circle ** 
Director’s Circle * 
Sustainer ^^ 
Friend ^


Spencer & Mary Wheeler Brown ** 
Eric & Elizabeth Green Family Fund * 
Peggy V. Helmerich * 
Bill & Susan Thomas ^^ 
Mary Ann Hille ^^
E.M. & Linda Behnken ^^ 
Everett & Mary Lensink ^^ 
Ed & Judith Payton ^^ 
Jacques & Cindy Cunningham ^^ 
Robert & Delia Pierson ^^ 
John Paul & Shirley O’Neal ^^ 
Ken & Marian Clark ^^ 
Elisa Herron ^^ 
Maranatha SS Class at BAUMC ^^ 
Anonymous ^^ 
Elisa Herron ^^ 
Lewis and Linda Jones ^ 
Patti Lucas ^ 
Michael & Linda Wendell ^ 
Patricia Searcy ^ 
Royce & Sheila Parr ^ 
Peggye Enlow ^ 
Jackie Neel ^ 
Roundtable SS Class at BAUMC ^ 
Horizons SS Class at BAUMC ^ 
Pilgrimage SS Class at BAUMC ^ 
Donna Beasley Family ^ 
Karla and Tom Campbell Jr. ^
Jennifer S. Turner ^ 
Audrey Spaeth ^ 
Bill Crowell ^ 
George Deal ^ 
Educational Concepts LLC ^
Mid-High Mosaic BAUMC Youth ^   Anonymous (5) ^   
Lydia Brand ^    
Rebecca and Markham Collins ^    
Marylin Elder ^    
Timothy and Deborah Huettner ^   


Philip and Patricia Snider ^   
Gretchen and Richard White ^   
Lewis and Ruth Ann Thompson ^   
Larry and Sally Catron (Joseph Polanka Memorial) ^   
Jan and Vonnie Graham ^   
Jasmine Wynn ^
Rev. Bill Tankersley ^
Rev. Sara P. Montgomery ^
Belynda Clanton ^
Janet Purinton ^   
Jeri Strange ^   
Joanne Collins (in honor of
Richard Gibbs) ^   
Shari and Lynn Goodwin ^   
Prof. Marguerite Chapman ^   
Michael Huckaby ^   
Becky Chandler ^   
Rob and Frieda Reck ^   
Linda and Marc Frazier ^   
Risha Zamor ^   
Greg Simmons ^   
Risha Zamor ^   
Carbie Lou O’Connell ^   
Angelina Hernandez ^   
Kyla Holderness ^   
Barbara Berklacy ^   
Angela S.^   
Barbara Claire Slagle ^ 
Roger and Charlotte Rowe ^
Mary and Earl Funk ^
Chris and Lori Markes (in honor of Rev. David Wiggs) ^
Mary Rae Hawthorne ^
David and Brenda Worthington ^
Debbie Rooney ^
Martha Phillips (Humphrey) in memory of her mother's 100th  ^
Kate Parker ^
Sheri Nellis ^
Ning Grace^
Bill and Carol Burnett^
 Sparky McDuff^
Linda Parker ^
Vivian Bishop^
David Lawrence^
Jana Strange^