Key Findings from the Sistema Tulsa Year-End Report conducted by the Center for Family Resilience at Oklahoma State University. 

In addition to reaching musical and artistic milestones, our formula for measuring success is based on two broad longitudinal questions: How does the program grow? What is the impact of the program over time? Sistema Tulsa aims to start small and expand carefully. As we develop our program, we strive to provide evidence that it has become: 

  • a proven provider of high quality and sustainable services
  • an organization recognized as an asset to all of its community partners and stakeholders
  • a community wide program known both for its musical excellence and for its positive association with academic and social success of its students 
  • a model for eliciting and supporting positive aspirations for all participants

After our first year, we affirmed that Sistema Tulsa is: 

  • Inclusive of all races and socio-economic groups 
  • Giving children a better love of music and broadening their horizons 
  • Teaching discipline and community 

97% of students want to get better at playing their musical instrument. 

87% of students believe they have made their parents/guardians proud by being in the Sistema program. 

93% of parents believe that the program has taught their child to work hard to reach his/her goals. 

100% of parents would recommend the program to other parents. 

100% of parents talk with their child about what he/she is doing in the program. 

Changes related to Academics 

More than 22% of parents reported that their child has received better grades in school and almost 20% said their child gets along with their school teachers more. When parents were asked if their child had more friends since joining the Sistema, 30% said “Yes.” 

Changes in home behavior and family patterns 

Parents reported that since their child started the Sistema program, they have seen changes in their child’s behavior and/or attitude. Almost 40% of parents reported their child is happier, more than 32% reported their child being more responsible, and 29% reported their child has made better choices since starting the Sistema program. 

Enjoyment of Sistema and music 

Parents were asked whether they were happy that their child was involved in Sistema. They were provided with 3 choices, “Yes, for sure,” “Yes, I think so,” and “No.” 100% of the parents who responded to the item reported that they were happy that their child was in Sistema. 

When asked, “Would you recommend the Sistema program to other parents”, 100% of parents who answered the question said “Yes.” Similarly, 100% of parents who responded reported that they like and/or trust all of the Sistema teachers.

I am a trumpet player at Sistema Tulsa. I love music and everyone at Sistema makes music fun. It’s cool to be in an orchestra because kids like us get to share our gifts. We learn important things here, and we have the opportunity to do something very special.”

— Student, age 10