A Sistema Tulsa plan for after April 2


Welcome back!  We hope everyone had a very good Spring Break. We remind you that on Monday, April 2nd Sistema Tulsa will be closed due to the church being closed that day. 

Please take a moment to review this announcement: 

  • Sistema Tulsa supports the efforts of teachers and school leaders statewide to pursue fair pay and working conditions. We hope that their appeals will be respectfully acknowledged and that together with the State Legislature they may find shared understanding and a plan for success.  Teachers are instrumental to build a better future for our students and we stand with them. When and if schools close during the statewide teacher walkout we will follow this plan: 
  • All Sistema Tulsa activities will continue to operate as scheduled – it is our goal to operate as normal as possible to provide musical instruction, mentoring, and healthy snacks to all. 
  • Transportation will not be available from our current bussed schools – we work with the district to arrange transportation and this would not be available. 
  • All Elementary age students are welcome to arrive as early as 3:00 p.m. – we will include them in our normal electives schedule. 
  • We will practice flexibility throughout the walkout period and we might create additional rehearsal opportunities as time and resources allow. Each ensemble might be notified. 
  • Our final all-Sistema performance for the year will still take place on May 11 as other scheduled concerts in our calendar. 

As we work through this together, please refer any questions and feedback to Sistema Tulsa Director, Jose Luis Hernandez.

The Sistema Tulsa Team